The way we were

After a summer shower, raindrops hang suspended in a spider web

like persistent memories of the shower that had fallen.

Our own minds are full of these jewels; fluid, translucent, shifting and

temporary pieces of the past that can bedazzle us.

One cycle

These Russian Giant sunflowers lining a garden on the South Shore

of Nova Scotia, Canada mark the one-year anniversary of m1nute.

It’s been my pleasure interacting with readers during the past year and

I look forward to more. From this point on the posts will arrive

as inspiration strikes rather than on a schedule three times a week.

(For the curious – the photograph is a double-exposure with the second

image being a watercolour rendition of the original photograph.)


Finger of fate

A finger of tidal water points out the inevitable path of the ocean.

This sign will linger for a moment and then be gone.

Such symbols exist in our lives as well as in the natural world.

And most often, a voice from inside us calls out their existence;

unless our busy minds explain them away.

Here is the past, the present and the future.

This is often the state of our minds: looking back, looking ahead,

looking around; trying to piece together a comprehension of our lives.

When these states of being can be brought together – with past and future

joining the present moment – a natural state of being can be achieved.


Rings on her fingers and

bells on her toes.

She shall have music

wherever she goes.




If you and your friends happen to like the shaded, shallow shoreline

of a freshwater lake, then by all means, gather there.

Go where you thrive, stay there for as long as it is good,

and then remember that place fondly.

Curtain call

The curtain falls on another day.

Although without the bright lights and rousing orchestra call of the opening,

the last act is still stirring. The lights will go down and the theatre will darken.

But the real drama is just beginning.

Beauty of a wallflower

On a stillwater full of water lilies spread across the surface in array after array,

the beauty of this one, tucked under a weathered log,

is magnified by its humility.

Even its muted porcelain reflection

accentuates its humble elegance.

Trees for the forest

A small stand of maple trees pops out of a dark forest

by reflecting the first rays of the morning sun.

To stand out in our crowded world,

pass on the positive energy

that comes your way.