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Clouds part for the sky to open. The clouds are nothing, really;

collections of moisture, residue, flecks of this and that;

refracting and blocking light so that they form seemingly

significant apparitions over our view. They come and go –

sometimes uplifting, sometimes threatening – across the sky

that is always just there. Clouds are like the continuous

stream of thoughts that cross the sky of our consciousness.

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The tide at low ebb reveals rock and grass. They both emerge to do

their own bidding; the rock stands guard, strong and true,

while the grass dances to the music of the wind and the water.

The place they inhabit would not be as interesting without this pair

of opposites. It is a good marriage that celebrates differences

like these and allows such a beautiful coexistence.

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Our Pets

Our pets afford us a dramatic example of living mindfully. Take your dog for a

walk and observe her simple joy at running in the woods. Watch her attention

be riveted on the wind moving through grass or the sound of a brook babbling

over stones, head cocked in rapt contemplation. And see how she is a

perfect part of nature, effortlessly.

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