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How would an artist paint this scene? How would he choose the

blue for water that is reflecting the colour of the sky?

The yellow for a leaf mimicking the colour of the sun?

The spilt-box-of-Crayons colours for the chaos of natural beauty

awaiting his canvas? He could only be successful if

he was painting for the process, not the result.

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Your reality is based on your perception of your surroundings.

If you want to alter your reality, you can change your surroundings

or you can change your perception of the place you are at.



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She artfully decorated her wild hair with butterfly leaves,

dressing for a forest ball. She really didn’t care what was in fashion

that season or even what others might think about her designs.

She had reached that glorious point in life where

her own style mattered more than the whims of others.



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The forest is painted with light in hypnotically alluring brushstrokes.

The rays and beams seem to chase their own tails around trees and plants,

leaving behind designs made by delirious madmen or frolicking children.

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The view from down here can be just as impressive as the view from up there.

And if you do find yourself taking in life from this humble vantage point,

you may find the new perspective revolutionary.

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Trees are supposed to stand tall and straight as they reach for the sky.

They are not supposed to sweep in an arching curve along the forest floor.

But when they do, it can be an elegant break from the uniformity of the woods.

 Imagine if people could be seen the same way;

differences appreciated for that very reason alone.

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