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Like a map of some crowded bloc of countries,

the markings on this granite boulder feature lines drawn at random.

And really, what are national borders but happenstance lines in the sand?

Would assigning names and ownership to each of the shapes

in this collection mean anything in the true history of this rock

that existed long before man and will exist long after?




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What treasures await us in the natural world;

precious metals and priceless stones found in the gold of a sunrise,

diamond stars in the night sky, the emerald of warm, summer water,

bronze leaves and silver branches.

A fortune free for the taking; wealth for everyone.



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After life is over, you sink below the surface of this world

into something completely unknown. As fervent as many are

about the afterlife, it is simply not known what awaits us –

nothing, something, everything?

Believe what you will but while you are in this world,

why use even a single moment to fear that unknown time?

Fear pain, fight against dying, regret missing life,

but accept death.

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This tree is now standing deadwood; its inner layer revealed

by the falling away of its bark. Once moist and supple,

this protected layer of skin was a playground for a

variety of interlopers who left behind their graffiti.

This body art is arresting, bold and a tattooed history

of this tree’s time on Earth.

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The sun makes its way across the water, stepping on fallen reeds;

each footstep a blazing imprint of pure energy.

These solar footprints track the path of the day

as it silently walks toward nightfall when shadows

will fall where the sun once trod.

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We are told to seize opportunity when it comes our way.

And we think of grand schemes and adventures that can be ours

if only we act swiftly and decisively. But sometimes an opportunity

of a more subtle nature can appear before us. A beckoning park bench

on a warm fall afternoon can be an opportunity we seize

slowly and peacefully for rest, solitude and contemplation.

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Whether this is a meadow that has flooded or a lake

that is going dry is irrelevant. It is still the beautiful soup

of our natural world – liquid, solid, colour and shape.

It feeds our hearts and nourishes our soul.

A person could subsist for eternity on a meal so fine.




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Living brush strokes paint the forest.

Swaying limbs bring dance to the woods.

A flying orchestra fills the outdoors with music.

Stories come alive from morning till night.

Art lives and breathes in the natural world.

It is the perfect place to come to be inspired,

for the muse is at home in the forest.




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This is no fall from grace.

As this leaf tumbles to the forest floor from high above,

it is the end of a productive and honourable life;

one spent in service to community. This leaf worked with

thousands of others to keep a single tree alive –

a tree that is an integral part of a forest that is critical to an ecosystem

that is a component of the earth’s dynamic health.

This spectacular landing is a triumphant release from the highest duty.



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Nature paves roads with sediment, leaves, detritus and moss.

Covering the roads this way takes longer than using asphalt

and they can’t stand up to a lot of traffic but those can be good things –

slow-going roads for meandering, soft-stepping travellers.




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