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Living brush strokes paint the forest.

Swaying limbs bring dance to the woods.

A flying orchestra fills the outdoors with music.

Stories come alive from morning till night.

Art lives and breathes in the natural world.

It is the perfect place to come to be inspired,

for the muse is at home in the forest.




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This is no fall from grace.

As this leaf tumbles to the forest floor from high above,

it is the end of a productive and honourable life;

one spent in service to community. This leaf worked with

thousands of others to keep a single tree alive –

a tree that is an integral part of a forest that is critical to an ecosystem

that is a component of the earth’s dynamic health.

This spectacular landing is a triumphant release from the highest duty.



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Nature paves roads with sediment, leaves, detritus and moss.

Covering the roads this way takes longer than using asphalt

and they can’t stand up to a lot of traffic but those can be good things –

slow-going roads for meandering, soft-stepping travellers.




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Imagine a flower exploding, going supernova and arcing out from its core

in a big bang instant; spreading new life as it dies out.

Imagine a golden shooting star illuminating its tiny corner

of the universe one final time, the dark surface below

awaiting the tiny comets that will surely fall.

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Look softly upon the land.

See it with emotion, intuition, your senses, your consciousness.

Soften the focus of your mind to truly see

the beauty of your surroundings.



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Can you tell where one leaf starts and the other leaf ends?

These leaves once competed side-by-side for rays of sunlight

but now dangle together, bound in partnership at the end of their lives.

They wait to mesh even further so that they will eventually

re-emerge as one new entity.



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