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After the dance, when you have shed your pretty things

and stand stark without adornment;

this is when your deepest beauty is revealed.



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Shadows, seemingly lifeless and static, are actually always moving.

They are pushed clockwise, at an incremental pace;

painted on their canvass by the dance of two great bodies,

the earth and the sun. If you watch and wait,

you can feel yourself swept along in their wake.



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Lucy ended up at the local animal shelter after escaping

a horrible existence and running for days.

She is seen as a hero by her new family, who are teaching her

how to enjoy a dog’s life by playing with a ball and learning to swim.

Lucy’s first real swim was when she spotted a dragonfly foundering

some thirty feet offshore. She swam directly to it,

took it gently in her mouth and brought it back safely to shore

where it vibrated its wings dry and then flew off.

Angel wings, indeed.

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Glassblowers create stunning pieces of art by blowing air

into a molten bubble of glass straight out of the glory hole, or kiln.

Nature uses temperature fluctuations and random arrangements

of organic media to achieve glory in its artwork.

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When seasons change, new forms appear, fleeting but arresting.

These first ice crystals, already melting in the day’s early sun,

are not quite able to form a sheet of ice. Instead, they fall together

haphazardly on the shore making a striking border.

Transitions can be dramatic but these edges will soften as time moves on.



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Animal, plant, rock; each with a beauty and a purpose unto itself,

 yet shared they become so much more.

The rock holds the plant; the plant holds the feather;

the feather once flew through the air

and now holds the dreams of the other two.

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Let your mood decide the content of this image.

It could be a mellow, late fall scene with weathered marsh grass

creating architectural designs atop failing rosehip berries

that appeals to adult sensibilities. Or it could be a rampaging,

many-legged, multi-eyed swamp creature on its way to conquer

the world unless some enterprising child vanquishes it.

Be the adult, be the child – it’s always your decision.



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