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A demure landscape peeks out from behind a veil of pine boughs,

teasing with highlights of gold and soft-textured skin.

What pleasures await behind these swaying limbs?

What caresses, what sighs, what fragrant scents?

There is one way to find out –

watch closely for your invitation and then go behind the veil.

Immerse yourself in sensuous delight.



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A pair of birch trees stands surrounded by a swirling tide of

inkberry bushes roiling in autumn confusion.

There is contrast here – a contrast of colour, of size, of form and of movement.

 These differences are not grounds for acrimony; and why would they be?

In fact, these points of diversity are among the most

interesting parts of the forest.



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Love comes to us when we are open to finding it;

when we go out into the world and look in unexpected places

and carefully see what is right in front of us.

It might not look like what we were hoping for

or be found where we thought it should be.

Love can happen anywhere, at any time to anyone.

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Sombre in colour, ragged edged and without interesting form or texture,

why is this lichen a captivating focal point in a photograph?

It pales in comparison to more colourful flowers, or plants or trees.

It is like some people who rise above their average

appearance to have a strong presence.

If Gandhi wore Armani or if Mother Teresa wore Prada,

would they have had more impact?

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People who create items of great beauty that also serve important functions

are paid handsome amounts of money. Consumers scramble

to purchase cars and boats and clothes and all manner of stuff

exquisite in appearance and usefulness.

After all, it’s not like elegant and functional designs just grow on trees.



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Our world sometimes comes to us painted in choices of black or white –

a polarizing view to be sure because that means

someone must be right and someone must be wrong.

But somewhere inside of us we realize the truth:

much of our world is actually a promising grey.

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