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A dinner plate of the finest crystal,

dressed with a serving of marsh grass fettuccine,

sits on an elegant water table adorned with black ice linen.

What fine dining awaits the observant patron in nature’s best restaurants.


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What was once part of a cliff and then a boulder is now a stand of rocks

poised like dominoes ready to tumble. It is also a reminder

that everything changes. The shards of ice surrounding the rock

have also undergone a similar transformation from a larger collective

to smaller and smaller components. Only time, really, separates the two.

And given that the transformations never cease, is time even relevant?



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The surreal can occur quite naturally.

The elements of nature in combination with the forces of nature

produce otherworldly, psychedelic effects that can make us pause in wonder.

 And while there are rudimentary laws of physics to explain these

 manifestations, there are no words to convey their appearance.

Try to describe the ice to a friend.



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When a sharp breeze lifts the dress of winter, you’ll find a garter of ice,

a satiny slip, smooth white lace, all coolly teasing you

with the promise of sparkling days and deep, dark nights.

It’s a myth that she’s cold-hearted; there’s fire in her soul –

fire so intense it can burn.



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A Zen master could study a lifetime to be able to arrange a collection of stones

 in a manner that seems beautiful and natural all at once.

Finding these arrangements occurring naturally should be appreciated

with the same gravity. There are creations appearing randomly

in our world that have the power to move us,  inspire us

or leave us with absolute serenity.

 We just have to see them when they are in front of us.


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The purpose of a window is to let in light,

provide a view and  fresh air when opened.

A barn window is a compromise. Barns have small windows

to let in a bit of light without allowing in a lot of cold.

A compromise doesn’t have to mean accepting less;

it sometimes means accepting the best idea for a particular situation.



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