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Serviceberry petals are poised to take flight, to alight in moist spring air.

They will soar as far as the wind and their aerodynamic contours

will take them,  before settling onto a monochromatic landscape,

sparking it alive with colour;

 setting in motion spring’s impressionistic transition

from winter’s dulcet monotone to summer’s vibrancy.


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A thousand reaching arms, all from the same body;

all stretching together for the betterment of that body.

Stretching for sunlight, clamouring to feed the collective.

This innate drive is also within all of us, the human collective.

Imagine what we could achieve by following this true and natural calling;

by reaching out together.


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Oh, shall we gather at the river, the beautiful, the beautiful river . . .

There is a simple beauty in gathering; the assembling of similar beings,

loosely aligned, together with relative purpose.

The intent, the function and the form coalesce to make patterns

that reinforce the significant parts of our lives.

Yes, shall we gather.


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We most often notice the forces of nature when they appear to us

on a grand scale –­ disrupting, scaring or impressing us.

Those awesome powers are with us all the time, however.

Whether it be a light breeze that has been pushed at us from a land

on the other side of the earth, a ray of sunlight that travelled millions of miles

to warm our face or the creeping advancement of tidal water, tons of it

 inched on by the staggering pull of the moon so far away in the sky.


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The last ice of the season decorates the coastline haphazardly;

 lounging on rocks, floating half-submerged in the water.

It is a delicate ice; not the burgeoning growth of early winter,

nor the substantial coverage of mid-winter.

It appears almost as an afterthought;

 a humble ice that once dominated and now decorates.


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Now is a time for the seasons to dance.  

Is the ice encroaching or melting back?

 Is the moss pushing forward or about to be held in icy repose?

All of the above.

The seasons move rhythmically back and forth throughout the year

 – taking turns leading and following – 

 in a timeless procession of grace and beauty.


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Blue water is brown with sediment; grey rock is red with lichen.

Our interactions with others colour us and make us more interesting.

Imagine the water ‘pure’ like bottled;

picture the rock clean and monochromatic like cement.

It’s just not natural.



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