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A birch tree is triumphant in the shedding of its old skin.

It waves a banner proclaiming that life continues;

a flag heralding its rejuvenation.

There is no sorrow here in aging,

only a celebration of marching in life’s parade.


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The delicate starflowers and the granite rock appear diametrically opposite –

one representing the fragility of life, the other, the steadfastness of strength.

As well, the tiny starflowers bring minute traces of minerals

 into their systems for nutrients and the granite rock is tattooed

with minute plant life on its coarse exterior. So, the plants have minerals

on the inside and the mineral has plants on the outside.

It appears that opposites do attract.


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A garden of webs signifies the diligent work of spider farmers,

nurturing their plot, tending their crop. And as is often the case

with conscientious labour in natural spaces, an elegant aesthetic arises

from the good work. There is more here than gathering food;

there is nurturing for the heart and soul.


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