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If at the end of your life you arrive fully spent, then you have lived well.

If you are whipped by the wind, burnt by the sun, lashed by the rain

or otherwise well marked by the experiences you’ve weathered,

then you have taken all that life has given you and used it

to add layers of interest to your once blandly perfect form.


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This lady slipper will soon bloom into a spectacular show of colour and form

that will stop travellers in their tracks to marvel at the sight.

But even now, before the blossom, there is a

delicate beauty worthy of appreciation.

Celebrate subtle beauty as well as the spectacular.

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At what point does this situation change from being a tree bearing some fungus

to a mass of fungus on a dying tree? These seemingly static points of change

are the content of our present moments and they show us how to experience

the now. It does not occur from instant to instant, but instead,

as a flowing trail of sensory occurrences.

Your now is as big or small as your awareness allows.

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As these ferns see the light of their first day, their destiny becomes apparent.

From spores under the cover of forest detritus,

the young plants scramble upward, wet and colicky,

far from the graceful, mature ferns they will grow to be, but on their way.

The nature or nurture debate is all but moot here.

They will become what they already are.

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One of the nice things about the natural world is that

human value judgements don’t really apply.

It can’t be said, for example, that plants are lazy. If they take the

path of least resistance, there is undoubtedly a good reason for it.

In fact, all organisms tend to do what they need to do to survive.

And what one individual might perceive as laziness in another

might actually be a logical reaction to that person’s environment.

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This is how life works. The sun shines. Plants use the sun’s energy to grow.

Some creatures eat the plants to survive. We eat the plants and

some of the creatures that eat the plants. This is how we survive.

It all starts with the sun and the plants. Whatever you eat today,

take a moment to trace it back to this primary interaction.


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Negative events in our lives happen and can strongly impact us.

In fact, we can feel as if our world has been turned upside-down.

But often, when the clouds from the sky are hurled down at our feet,

that is the time we have an opportunity to find their silver lining.


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It doesn’t matter if you are not the tallest tree or the most beautiful flower

in the forest. All that matters is that you show yourself

to be all that you can possibly be within the form you have;

and that you stand true to your being.

We can all be giants, we can all be beautiful, in our own way.


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A blue flag iris unfurls into a surreal, melting spill of form and hue.

It is at once spectacular and incomprehensible with its splatter

of a shape and exotic colour. Imagine a committee designing

a flower such as this. Who could possibly dream up a concept

this seemingly haphazard that works in both form and function?

Flowers must exist to keep us humble.



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A rock bursts into flames of lichen. These licking flames scorch the granite

 surface in a slow burn that simmers over years of constant combustion.

 Strangely, it is drought that extinguishes such a vibrant blaze.

Water only heightens their intensity.

You can hold your hands to such a fire and feel its energy.


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