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Meagre light from a soft morning sky, spring mist and a cascade of rhodora

spilling out of a white-trunked birch forest paint an impressionistic canvass.

This scene will never again happen exactly this way.

It all exists within a moment – not a moment of time, but a moment of being.


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Fresh, green daggers knife up through the skin of a pond, pushing their way

to the sun. They cut through the shell of water as if to escape it,

even though the water provides sustenance just as vital as the sun.

That is the way of youth, striving for independence, reaching for the sun

at the peril of abandoning the very environment that gave them life.


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Long after the water has run dry, a new current – a stream of lichens –

cascades down over a rocky outcrop. This new waterfall does not

hiss and gurgle, nor tumble rapidly but instead,

these new waves make their way silently,

incrementally to the creek floor.


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