Beauty of a wallflower

On a stillwater full of water lilies spread across the surface in array after array,

the beauty of this one, tucked under a weathered log,

is magnified by its humility.

Even its muted porcelain reflection

accentuates its humble elegance.

Trees for the forest

A small stand of maple trees pops out of a dark forest

by reflecting the first rays of the morning sun.

To stand out in our crowded world,

pass on the positive energy

that comes your way.

Life cycle

Face east in the morning.

Bow in supplication.

Give thanks for the day.

Set about doing the good work you need to do.



Face east in the morning. . . .




Against the grain

A decaying tree has toppled and taken with it some mushrooms

that had been hanging off the side of the softening trunk.

Now fully grown, the mushrooms find themselves in the

vulnerable position of having their undersides exposed.

Already, this mushroom is beginning to curl in on itself,

changing the very nature of its being in an attempt to regain a horizontal plane.

But what other choice does this mushroom have in order to survive?

Sunshine and shadows

Throw yourself wide open to all life has to offer.

Allow the sunshine to soak in,

use the shadows as marks of character.

Look ahead with acceptance,

look back without regret.

Dark side

We all have a dark side; a clever part of us that has the potential

to slip out and spread itself across the path of our lives, staining the way.

It is a determined, persuasive component of our being;

whispering sickly sweet nothings at us so it can come out to play.

Persistence is its power;

the only thing that can thwart it is truth.