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Now is a time for the seasons to dance.  

Is the ice encroaching or melting back?

 Is the moss pushing forward or about to be held in icy repose?

All of the above.

The seasons move rhythmically back and forth throughout the year

 – taking turns leading and following – 

 in a timeless procession of grace and beauty.



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A winter storm has left its mess and gone off to play elsewhere.

There is a beauty, though, in the remnants of play;

it is a reminder of our own carefree days of introspective abandonment,

when we were able to be engulfed in the process of some activity

that claimed our attention for whatever length of time the attraction held.

We came, we played, we conquered boredom

and let our imaginations run amok.

 And then we awoke as if from a dream.


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As First Peoples grew more proficient at survival, how could they not

become artists when nature offered inspiration all around them?

How could people feel the pull of such beauty and not be compelled to

create it themselves? And even now, how can an artist not respond

to the creative beauty that continues to be naturally produced?



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On a desolate beach worn grey by winter,

a spent stream taken away with the tide

has laid out a silken fabric, folds billowing and bejewelled by a seashell,

as fine as anything created by the hand of man.

For even in desolation there can be beauty.



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Animal, plant, rock; each with a beauty and a purpose unto itself,

 yet shared they become so much more.

The rock holds the plant; the plant holds the feather;

the feather once flew through the air

and now holds the dreams of the other two.

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Look softly upon the land.

See it with emotion, intuition, your senses, your consciousness.

Soften the focus of your mind to truly see

the beauty of your surroundings.



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A dying tree peels back its outer layer bit by bit, slowly disrobing

in its promenade to death. And even as it reveals

its time-ravaged body, it does so with grace and dignity

so that there is beauty at the end of life.

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There is no such thing as a bad hair day in the forest. Is your mop a

tangled mess, far beyond the penetrating abilities of a comb?

Would your style be best described as a tumbleweed, teased with a

salad fork? Are your roots grey, or even green? Who cares?

You are in a place where beauty is defined as interesting form

meeting captivating light. Fashion doesn’t exist here.

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The Horizon

A vibrant sunset across an arching horizon isn’t always the point of interest

in a picturesque scene; just like distant, glorious goals shouldn’t always

take precedence in your life. The random details right in front of you

day after day hold their own indisputable beauty.

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