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It is easy to imagine the wild strokes of a fervent artist slashing across

the canvas that is our Earth. This artist paints with colour, of course,

but also with light and texture and sound and smell and emotion.

This work of art, our Earth, is at once easily interpreted by all who stop

to simply appreciate it and totally incomprehensible

to anyone attempting to deconstruct its artistic merits.

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A pair of birch trees stands surrounded by a swirling tide of

inkberry bushes roiling in autumn confusion.

There is contrast here – a contrast of colour, of size, of form and of movement.

 These differences are not grounds for acrimony; and why would they be?

In fact, these points of diversity are among the most

interesting parts of the forest.



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Beach Stones

A scattering of colourful beach stones lies on a stretch of monochromatic sand.

 What happens to the colour from the rocks that break down to form the sand?

 Where are the blues, the oranges, the reds, the whites? Look carefully at

the sand the next time you walk the beach. The colour is there in

minute particles. But you may find an even more beautiful thing

is that you took the time to examine something closely.

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