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Look softly upon the land.

See it with emotion, intuition, your senses, your consciousness.

Soften the focus of your mind to truly see

the beauty of your surroundings.




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A birch leaf rests atop a maple leaf that bends the surface of

dark water reflecting the trees and sky above it all. There is a point

where all of these layers of reality come together; a point where

leaves meld into water into reflection into light. That point exists

within all of us, too. It is that humming, vibrating place of

our consciousness where everything and nothing exist all at once.

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Clouds part for the sky to open. The clouds are nothing, really;

collections of moisture, residue, flecks of this and that;

refracting and blocking light so that they form seemingly

significant apparitions over our view. They come and go –

sometimes uplifting, sometimes threatening – across the sky

that is always just there. Clouds are like the continuous

stream of thoughts that cross the sky of our consciousness.

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