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Shadows, seemingly lifeless and static, are actually always moving.

They are pushed clockwise, at an incremental pace;

painted on their canvass by the dance of two great bodies,

the earth and the sun. If you watch and wait,

you can feel yourself swept along in their wake.




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Living brush strokes paint the forest.

Swaying limbs bring dance to the woods.

A flying orchestra fills the outdoors with music.

Stories come alive from morning till night.

Art lives and breathes in the natural world.

It is the perfect place to come to be inspired,

for the muse is at home in the forest.




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The tide at low ebb reveals rock and grass. They both emerge to do

their own bidding; the rock stands guard, strong and true,

while the grass dances to the music of the wind and the water.

The place they inhabit would not be as interesting without this pair

of opposites. It is a good marriage that celebrates differences

like these and allows such a beautiful coexistence.

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Day’s end

A tender moment. Two ferns emerge from the crowd to lean on one another at the end of a day in the forest. There have been no fires, no tramplings, no disease, no one has been consumed in the hardscrabble existence that is life. While some plants dance in exaltation at this time, others simply hug.

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