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She artfully decorated her wild hair with butterfly leaves,

dressing for a forest ball. She really didn’t care what was in fashion

that season or even what others might think about her designs.

She had reached that glorious point in life where

her own style mattered more than the whims of others.




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When you grow old you will still be beautiful. You won’t have the

rich hues of spring leaves, the lyrical pastels of summer flowers

or the riotous colours of fall foliage. Your beauty will be softer,

more interesting, and meant to be appreciated in a contemplative way;

not in the jarring fashion of youthful splendour.



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There is no such thing as a bad hair day in the forest. Is your mop a

tangled mess, far beyond the penetrating abilities of a comb?

Would your style be best described as a tumbleweed, teased with a

salad fork? Are your roots grey, or even green? Who cares?

You are in a place where beauty is defined as interesting form

meeting captivating light. Fashion doesn’t exist here.

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