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We most often notice the forces of nature when they appear to us

on a grand scale –­ disrupting, scaring or impressing us.

Those awesome powers are with us all the time, however.

Whether it be a light breeze that has been pushed at us from a land

on the other side of the earth, a ray of sunlight that travelled millions of miles

to warm our face or the creeping advancement of tidal water, tons of it

 inched on by the staggering pull of the moon so far away in the sky.



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The surreal can occur quite naturally.

The elements of nature in combination with the forces of nature

produce otherworldly, psychedelic effects that can make us pause in wonder.

 And while there are rudimentary laws of physics to explain these

 manifestations, there are no words to convey their appearance.

Try to describe the ice to a friend.



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