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It doesn’t matter if you are not the tallest tree or the most beautiful flower

in the forest. All that matters is that you show yourself

to be all that you can possibly be within the form you have;

and that you stand true to your being.

We can all be giants, we can all be beautiful, in our own way.



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This is no fall from grace.

As this leaf tumbles to the forest floor from high above,

it is the end of a productive and honourable life;

one spent in service to community. This leaf worked with

thousands of others to keep a single tree alive –

a tree that is an integral part of a forest that is critical to an ecosystem

that is a component of the earth’s dynamic health.

This spectacular landing is a triumphant release from the highest duty.



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Get Lost

There are two ways to get lost in the forest. One is to stray from familiar

surroundings and not know how to get back to where you feel safe.

The other is to let your subconscious purposefully connect with the

beauty and energy of the natural splendour around you. When that happens,

your mind disconnects and you are free of all that is familiar to you.

Go beyond safe and find inspiration.

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