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Now is a time for the seasons to dance.  

Is the ice encroaching or melting back?

 Is the moss pushing forward or about to be held in icy repose?

All of the above.

The seasons move rhythmically back and forth throughout the year

 – taking turns leading and following – 

 in a timeless procession of grace and beauty.


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A dying tree peels back its outer layer bit by bit, slowly disrobing

in its promenade to death. And even as it reveals

its time-ravaged body, it does so with grace and dignity

so that there is beauty at the end of life.

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Standing alone can represent towering strength or abject loneliness depending

on the day, the light, the mood. It is not usually up to us to decide on the

interpretation, only to see it through gracefully till simple time

changes the atmosphere once again.

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