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Luxurious, softly textured foxtail grass

patterns itself by the wind’s direction.

Its iridescent fibres catch the sun’s rays and amplify their colour spectrum.

The wind and the sun become artists playing out their muse

on this natural medium. The grass exists in service

to the greater elements in its life and

is beautiful in its humble arrangements.


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The last ice of the season decorates the coastline haphazardly;

 lounging on rocks, floating half-submerged in the water.

It is a delicate ice; not the burgeoning growth of early winter,

nor the substantial coverage of mid-winter.

It appears almost as an afterthought;

 a humble ice that once dominated and now decorates.


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The view from down here can be just as impressive as the view from up there.

And if you do find yourself taking in life from this humble vantage point,

you may find the new perspective revolutionary.

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