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The last ice of the season decorates the coastline haphazardly;

 lounging on rocks, floating half-submerged in the water.

It is a delicate ice; not the burgeoning growth of early winter,

nor the substantial coverage of mid-winter.

It appears almost as an afterthought;

 a humble ice that once dominated and now decorates.



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Now is a time for the seasons to dance.  

Is the ice encroaching or melting back?

 Is the moss pushing forward or about to be held in icy repose?

All of the above.

The seasons move rhythmically back and forth throughout the year

 – taking turns leading and following – 

 in a timeless procession of grace and beauty.


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When seasons change, new forms appear, fleeting but arresting.

These first ice crystals, already melting in the day’s early sun,

are not quite able to form a sheet of ice. Instead, they fall together

haphazardly on the shore making a striking border.

Transitions can be dramatic but these edges will soften as time moves on.



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