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These Russian Giant sunflowers lining a garden on the South Shore

of Nova Scotia, Canada mark the one-year anniversary of m1nute.

It’s been my pleasure interacting with readers during the past year and

I look forward to more. From this point on the posts will arrive

as inspiration strikes rather than on a schedule three times a week.

(For the curious – the photograph is a double-exposure with the second

image being a watercolour rendition of the original photograph.)



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As First Peoples grew more proficient at survival, how could they not

become artists when nature offered inspiration all around them?

How could people feel the pull of such beauty and not be compelled to

create it themselves? And even now, how can an artist not respond

to the creative beauty that continues to be naturally produced?



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Get Lost

There are two ways to get lost in the forest. One is to stray from familiar

surroundings and not know how to get back to where you feel safe.

The other is to let your subconscious purposefully connect with the

beauty and energy of the natural splendour around you. When that happens,

your mind disconnects and you are free of all that is familiar to you.

Go beyond safe and find inspiration.

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