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A rock bursts into flames of lichen. These licking flames scorch the granite

 surface in a slow burn that simmers over years of constant combustion.

 Strangely, it is drought that extinguishes such a vibrant blaze.

Water only heightens their intensity.

You can hold your hands to such a fire and feel its energy.



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Blue water is brown with sediment; grey rock is red with lichen.

Our interactions with others colour us and make us more interesting.

Imagine the water ‘pure’ like bottled;

picture the rock clean and monochromatic like cement.

It’s just not natural.



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Sombre in colour, ragged edged and without interesting form or texture,

why is this lichen a captivating focal point in a photograph?

It pales in comparison to more colourful flowers, or plants or trees.

It is like some people who rise above their average

appearance to have a strong presence.

If Gandhi wore Armani or if Mother Teresa wore Prada,

would they have had more impact?

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