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Face east in the morning.

Bow in supplication.

Give thanks for the day.

Set about doing the good work you need to do.



Face east in the morning. . . .





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Throw yourself wide open to all life has to offer.

Allow the sunshine to soak in,

use the shadows as marks of character.

Look ahead with acceptance,

look back without regret.

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Where does the sky end and the water begin?

Where does our life fit into the grand scheme of things?

Do the details matter or is the inherent beauty of what lies before us,

 incomprehensible or not, what truly counts?



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Is it conformity if you are pushed, shoved and bent to the ground

with the others around you by greater forces in your life?

If your surrender is active and elegant,

can there be peace in knowing you will

one day rise above the current regime?



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The Horizon

A vibrant sunset across an arching horizon isn’t always the point of interest

in a picturesque scene; just like distant, glorious goals shouldn’t always

take precedence in your life. The random details right in front of you

day after day hold their own indisputable beauty.

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Day’s end

A tender moment. Two ferns emerge from the crowd to lean on one another at the end of a day in the forest. There have been no fires, no tramplings, no disease, no one has been consumed in the hardscrabble existence that is life. While some plants dance in exaltation at this time, others simply hug.

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