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One can only suppose that the colours seen here on this ledge

drowning in pine needles will be available for painting the den or kitchen.

There will be names like Fallen Pine Needle Sienna and much debate

will take place about how to match the trim – Cracked Granite White, perhaps?

It is just another unsuccessful way we try to bring nature into our lives,

instead of taking our lives out into nature.


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There are moments during the winter when the snow and cold and ice

all make sense; when the landscape is changed from a busy dappled palette

to a stunning monochromatic rendering.

Photographers do this at their discretion to create a

stylistic presentation of a particular scene.

Nature does this completely at random and it is up to the observer

to appreciate what has happened.


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Glassblowers create stunning pieces of art by blowing air

into a molten bubble of glass straight out of the glory hole, or kiln.

Nature uses temperature fluctuations and random arrangements

of organic media to achieve glory in its artwork.

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Our Pets

Our pets afford us a dramatic example of living mindfully. Take your dog for a

walk and observe her simple joy at running in the woods. Watch her attention

be riveted on the wind moving through grass or the sound of a brook babbling

over stones, head cocked in rapt contemplation. And see how she is a

perfect part of nature, effortlessly.

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