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When you have a need, reach out your hand.

It is not a sign of weakness; it is just how the world works.

Everyone, everything, requires help at some point.

To deny this is hubris, to accept it brings a humility

that will give you peace –

something we all need.


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A gleaming sun appearing in the middle of a rain shower

makes the raindrops’ circular ripples stand out boldly.

It also makes us realize that paradox is a natural event;

one that we can expect in our own lives, such as feeling melancholy

when the day appears perfectly fine

or experiencing a warm sense of peace after misfortune.

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Is it conformity if you are pushed, shoved and bent to the ground

with the others around you by greater forces in your life?

If your surrender is active and elegant,

can there be peace in knowing you will

one day rise above the current regime?



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It is easy to imagine finding peace at the end of this ribbon of dirt road

through pristine woods. It is more difficult to realize that there can be

peace at the end of any road. And the most difficult to realize is that

the greatest peace can be found just traveling along the road.

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