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Face east in the morning.

Bow in supplication.

Give thanks for the day.

Set about doing the good work you need to do.



Face east in the morning. . . .





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A decaying tree has toppled and taken with it some mushrooms

that had been hanging off the side of the softening trunk.

Now fully grown, the mushrooms find themselves in the

vulnerable position of having their undersides exposed.

Already, this mushroom is beginning to curl in on itself,

changing the very nature of its being in an attempt to regain a horizontal plane.

But what other choice does this mushroom have in order to survive?

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Throw yourself wide open to all life has to offer.

Allow the sunshine to soak in,

use the shadows as marks of character.

Look ahead with acceptance,

look back without regret.

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We all have a dark side; a clever part of us that has the potential

to slip out and spread itself across the path of our lives, staining the way.

It is a determined, persuasive component of our being;

whispering sickly sweet nothings at us so it can come out to play.

Persistence is its power;

the only thing that can thwart it is truth.

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Luxurious, softly textured foxtail grass

patterns itself by the wind’s direction.

Its iridescent fibres catch the sun’s rays and amplify their colour spectrum.

The wind and the sun become artists playing out their muse

on this natural medium. The grass exists in service

to the greater elements in its life and

is beautiful in its humble arrangements.

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A leaf, fallen in midsummer,

conveys a moment of beauty in the place it has come to rest.

Had it not passed on early in its life,

this young leaf would never have brought about

this poignant realization of glory.

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Gently flowing river water is rendered pewter by grey cloud cover above.

The undulations of the water’s surface create pockets and peaks of light, dark,

and all shades in between. This particular design, frozen in a photograph,

is one instant of a complex moving tableau. The design exists even though

it can’t be seen in real time. The pace of life can often blur

the beautiful moments that exist within the movement.

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What sledgehammer force has split apart this boulder?

An avalanche? Lightning bolt? Tornado?

It was actually a force greater than all three – time.

The slow crawl and subtle components of time have the ability to

break down all forms of matter as well as heal all wounds.

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When you have a need, reach out your hand.

It is not a sign of weakness; it is just how the world works.

Everyone, everything, requires help at some point.

To deny this is hubris, to accept it brings a humility

that will give you peace –

something we all need.

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A gleaming sun appearing in the middle of a rain shower

makes the raindrops’ circular ripples stand out boldly.

It also makes us realize that paradox is a natural event;

one that we can expect in our own lives, such as feeling melancholy

when the day appears perfectly fine

or experiencing a warm sense of peace after misfortune.

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