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The ocean scatters stones across the beach and they stay there

for an indeterminate amount of time. As long as the seas are calm,

the stones will rest there. The next aggressive tide will pull them into

the sea or bury them in sand. The moon, the tide, the ocean, the weather

are all events beyond the control of the stones. They speckle the beach

with a carefree appearance indicating their acceptance

of what they cannot change.

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Stones on the beach rise and submerge, like the great mammals of the sea.

The comparison goes even deeper. A good percentage of sea mammals’

bodies are water, like their home environment, and one day they will

break down and infuse the ocean itself. The beach stones float in a

sea of tiny rock particles. They too will one day break down and

join the very soup in which they swim.


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Beach Stones

A scattering of colourful beach stones lies on a stretch of monochromatic sand.

 What happens to the colour from the rocks that break down to form the sand?

 Where are the blues, the oranges, the reds, the whites? Look carefully at

the sand the next time you walk the beach. The colour is there in

minute particles. But you may find an even more beautiful thing

is that you took the time to examine something closely.

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