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If at the end of your life you arrive fully spent, then you have lived well.

If you are whipped by the wind, burnt by the sun, lashed by the rain

or otherwise well marked by the experiences you’ve weathered,

then you have taken all that life has given you and used it

to add layers of interest to your once blandly perfect form.


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Shadows, seemingly lifeless and static, are actually always moving.

They are pushed clockwise, at an incremental pace;

painted on their canvass by the dance of two great bodies,

the earth and the sun. If you watch and wait,

you can feel yourself swept along in their wake.



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The sun makes its way across the water, stepping on fallen reeds;

each footstep a blazing imprint of pure energy.

These solar footprints track the path of the day

as it silently walks toward nightfall when shadows

will fall where the sun once trod.

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Solar Panel

On some uneventful evening you might step out onto your deck,

look above your head and see nine celestial moths

orbiting a porch-light sun in a pine board sky.

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