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What sledgehammer force has split apart this boulder?

An avalanche? Lightning bolt? Tornado?

It was actually a force greater than all three – time.

The slow crawl and subtle components of time have the ability to

break down all forms of matter as well as heal all wounds.


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Scientists say the Earth’s age is around 4.5 billion years old.

Others have it pegged at thousands of years, while some say the Earth

has always been here. Any way you look at it, the Earth has been around

an impressive amount of time. And even though it wears its age well,

there is no way to tell how long the Earth will continue on.

But by carefully observing the signs the Earth gives us

we can see its health and, ultimately, our own.

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After the Storm

When you feel ravaged by a particularly fierce storm in your life,

know that the persistent sands of time will eventually heal

the open wound of your hurt and restore your serenity.

Trust in this because that is the way of nature and

you are no more and no less than part of the natural world.

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Tide Time

A shoreline rock is being swallowed whole by the steady push of the tide;

an advancing line of water bending over itself as it rises up the side of

the boulder. Time passes in a variety of ways, a variety of speeds.

The edge of tidal water is one measure – one cog in a universal

timepiece – that truly metes out our time here on Earth.

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Standing alone can represent towering strength or abject loneliness depending

on the day, the light, the mood. It is not usually up to us to decide on the

interpretation, only to see it through gracefully till simple time

changes the atmosphere once again.

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