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We all have a dark side; a clever part of us that has the potential

to slip out and spread itself across the path of our lives, staining the way.

It is a determined, persuasive component of our being;

whispering sickly sweet nothings at us so it can come out to play.

Persistence is its power;

the only thing that can thwart it is truth.


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Our world sometimes comes to us painted in choices of black or white –

a polarizing view to be sure because that means

someone must be right and someone must be wrong.

But somewhere inside of us we realize the truth:

much of our world is actually a promising grey.

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The search for truth is often convoluted. This root has come above ground

in a quest for moisture. It does an incremental writhe in its hunt;

circling, branching out and then returning back under the ground.

Relentless until death, the seemingly illogical tendril creates

aesthetic wonder in its simple but vital task.

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