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One can only suppose that the colours seen here on this ledge

drowning in pine needles will be available for painting the den or kitchen.

There will be names like Fallen Pine Needle Sienna and much debate

will take place about how to match the trim – Cracked Granite White, perhaps?

It is just another unsuccessful way we try to bring nature into our lives,

instead of taking our lives out into nature.


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Scientists say the Earth’s age is around 4.5 billion years old.

Others have it pegged at thousands of years, while some say the Earth

has always been here. Any way you look at it, the Earth has been around

an impressive amount of time. And even though it wears its age well,

there is no way to tell how long the Earth will continue on.

But by carefully observing the signs the Earth gives us

we can see its health and, ultimately, our own.

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Look down on the ground and see stars.

Look up in the sky and see flowers.

They are there if you turn off your mind,

open your consciousness

and look with intent.

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The Luna moth emerges from its cocoon in the morning.

It takes two hours to prepare its wings for flight. Then it has seven days

to find a mate to produce the next generation.

And then it dies.

This hauntingly beautiful creature does not feed, having no mouth.

Its sole purpose is to continue the species;

that, and to grace us with its poignant existence.

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A boulder, dimpled like a roll of bread dough, has gone through

many changes in its time on Earth. And its craters and undulations

will continue to morph under the influence of weather and time.

Even the seemingly imperceptible impact of leaves from the

neighbouring trees bring some minute change

to this human symbol of permanence.

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The ocean scatters stones across the beach and they stay there

for an indeterminate amount of time. As long as the seas are calm,

the stones will rest there. The next aggressive tide will pull them into

the sea or bury them in sand. The moon, the tide, the ocean, the weather

are all events beyond the control of the stones. They speckle the beach

with a carefree appearance indicating their acceptance

of what they cannot change.

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A natural death occurs in tiny bites and bruises and breakdowns.

It is a slow-as-molasses wearing away of the robustness of health and vigour;

an erosion of the physical state along a seemingly infinite continuum of

youth to old age. If you are fortunate enough to live to be elderly,

you will wear this attrition on your body in a variety of ways.

However old you are, promise yourself now that you will accept this

as gracefully as possible and stand tall in your evolution.

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Magic occurs naturally in the forest. These enchanting colours, shapes and

scenes are often replicated on streets, stages and screens

in the world outside of nature. We marvel at the ingenuity of

architects, designers, special effects people and the like

but when was the last time you really marvelled

at what happens spontaneously in our natural world?

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It is easy to imagine the wild strokes of a fervent artist slashing across

the canvas that is our Earth. This artist paints with colour, of course,

but also with light and texture and sound and smell and emotion.

This work of art, our Earth, is at once easily interpreted by all who stop

to simply appreciate it and totally incomprehensible

to anyone attempting to deconstruct its artistic merits.

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A spider has woven a ghostly bed

with spirit sheets and pillows of dew,

beckoning a fly to sleep forever.

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