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A boulder, dimpled like a roll of bread dough, has gone through

many changes in its time on Earth. And its craters and undulations

will continue to morph under the influence of weather and time.

Even the seemingly imperceptible impact of leaves from the

neighbouring trees bring some minute change

to this human symbol of permanence.


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The ocean scatters stones across the beach and they stay there

for an indeterminate amount of time. As long as the seas are calm,

the stones will rest there. The next aggressive tide will pull them into

the sea or bury them in sand. The moon, the tide, the ocean, the weather

are all events beyond the control of the stones. They speckle the beach

with a carefree appearance indicating their acceptance

of what they cannot change.

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The clouds reflected in this tidal stream are moving;

the sun within the clouds will come and go;

the snow on the stream banks is melting back as the saltwater works at it;

this whole scene is all about change. It will never again look just like this.

Each and every moment in our lives reflects this impermanence,

despite whatever riveting appearance holds our attention.



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